his memory is still alive

I  served in Golani in the Israeli army and was in Lebanon at the same time as Tito.
For a few days we guarded in the base together and I had a few conversations with Tito. On that terrible night we were in a nearby base and we could hear that things were not going as planned. And of course over the coming hours the full picture became clear.
I was in the army as a volunteer and left the army and came back to the UK a few months after that night. I did not know Tito very well, but in those few times we spoke I remember his big smile and bright eyes. Yom Hazikaron I always think of him, this year I found your website.
I wanted to let you know that his memory is still alive I have his picture, I tell my family and friends about him. He should have lived a long and happy life and I can see through what you are doing you are keeping his memory strong.
I wanted to send you my love and let you know that in our little way his name is being remembered here too.
All my love.